your eyes look like

melting brown sugar

and your skin tastes

of raindrops and honey

dew, your thighs rise

like the sun on a

monday morning at

five a.m. your moan a

symphony that will go down in history next

to Bach and Mozart.

your gaze fixates on me

and i’m trapped between

dream and reality. set me free, no hold me

you are my love…



I pricked my thumb

on the thorns

of your love,

i wept and you ate what you were fed.


You are July, mid summer

Hot as can be!

Desert sun

Bake my skin, you

Engulf all- of me.

Summer storm, rattle my

Bones. Lighting and

A crash, thunder, and

A boom!

Wasted wasteland.

I pour down the

crevice of your

mountains. Wet

you become.





Better Left Unsaid

What was I suppose to do?

It hurt to see you love another woman

you said you loved me too

why did you bring me into your world

you took me for a whirl

as your feet ran

i could not keep up

and i still followed you around like a pup

tracking your every move, watching you from the corner of my eye.

I could not detect your lies

but i still believed in you

i let the anger brew

and now its spilling on all sides

and felt my soul slowly die.

I dont want to ruin what we have

but at the same time we took the dive

and i never felt more alive.

The Man Who Was Content

“Only fools are satisfied Martin.” GeeGee said as she stretched out her long brown limbs. Her afro now flat in the back from laying down on her back side. She rolled over to her front and faced Martin.

Martin wrestled the idea a bit in his head and confirmed, “Yes, I am content.”

GeeGee’s mouth twisted to the corner of her face in a moment of thought.

“What’s the difference?”

Martin smiled and said “Being satisfied is getting everything done and getting everything you want. That’s why only fools are satisfied, because there is just too much to do and achieve and if you’re satisfied with all you’ve done and achieved then that’s a very sad life indeed. One would be a fool to be happy with that. However, there is content. I know I won’t be able to do everything in my life time. I won’t always have what I want or need but I am content with that.”

GeeGee stared hard and then smiled her wide, goofy, gap toothed smile.

“That’s happiness.” Martin concluded. “That’s happiness.”