Judgment Day That Lasted A…

Potato Chips and uneaten candy stick to the floor like broken dreams too precious to mend. soft coating wrapped around like bubble wrap because you’re too frail and easily bent backwards. Sour grapes mashed into wine. Too neat to cut. Drowning sage fathom none. Time moving ever onward. Run run run. Mama don’t take none of that. Sit back sit back. Holding breaths too still to whisper. Pillows stacked in the corner, we sleep on bodies. Blankets tie dyed and holograms of memories. I’d do anything to go to heaven. Bubblegum gums and pearly whites. Fight off that beautiful smile. Take my hand child…it’s time to go to hell.



Where broken people go to be fixed
Lonely hearts are forever sick
Broken hearted,
Touch deprived.
Lonely hearts wasting away in basements
I think not.
Oh, that girl?
Yeah, she’s hot.
Look for something deeper
Don’t be a creeper
Find love?
Not this one
Swipe right. Right?
She may be the one
Oh, what fun.
Ask her out with hesitation.
Denied a chance and
You’re left wasted
With devastation.

She Is More Than A Friend

Towel wraps and softly padded beds
Bath tubs of warm water and hot showers
when the cold aches my weary bones
I’m too old I’m too old
I’ve been old since 8 years old.
My friend, My foe
Tell me how it is
I am my worst enemy
but you are my angel.
Food that fills the belly
tacos, turkey and stuffing
stuffing me because i am far too empty
I can not feed my body nor my soul
I am too old I am too old
high nights, late nights
and starry skies
tears that spew
lies no longer
you free me I am freed.
you provide everything I ever need
gladly lay down my life for you
in this lonely world it’s just us two
you are not just a friend
you are my angel.

[Dedicated to one of my soul mates: Arely H.]


your eyes look like
melting brown sugar
and your skin tastes
of raindrops and honey
dew, your thighs rise
like the sun on a
monday morning at
five a.m. your moan a
symphony that will go down in history next
to Bach and Mozart.
your gaze fixates on me
and i’m trapped between
dream and reality. set me free, no hold me
you are my love…


You are July, mid summer
Hot as can be!
Desert sun
Bake my skin, you
Engulf all- of me.
Summer storm, rattle my
Bones. Lighting and
A crash, thunder, and
A boom!
Wasted wasteland.
I pour down the
crevice of your
mountains. Wet
you become.

Better Left Unsaid

What was I suppose to do?
It hurt to see you love another woman
you said you loved me too
why did you bring me into your world
you took me for a whirl
as your feet ran
i could not keep up
and i still followed you around like a pup
tracking your every move, watching you from the corner of my eye.
I could not detect your lies
but i still believed in you
i let the anger brew
and now its spilling on all sides
and felt my soul slowly die.
I dont want to ruin what we have
but at the same time we took the dive
and i never felt more alive.